The Department of Physiotherapy, School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences, College of Health Sciences has graduated the third batch of its trained masseurs.

The trained masseurs were taken through a 12-week certificate programme in the management of minor traumatic soft tissue injuries. The training included theories in basic Anatomy and Physiology of the human body, types of sports injures and their recognition as well as sports injury management. They also received basic theoretical and practical sessions in first aid and massage techniques.

They were mainly Health Personnel Assistants drawn from various private health facilities within the country where they render various healthcare services, particularly massage techniques, and were already practising Massage Therapy Assistants, Chiropractor Assistants, Osteopaths Practitioner Assistants, Nursing Assistants, Gymnasium Instructors and Spa Attendants.

The Head of the Department of Physiotherapy, Dr. Ajediran Idowu Bello, in his address stated that the main motive behind the certificate programme was to streamline the mode of operations of Health Assistants who learnt their skills on–the-job so as to ensure quality control. He said the School believes this will guarantee adequate recognition and the handling of minor injuries and disorders commonly sustained by members of the public.

He congratulated the masseurs on the successful completion of the course, and commended them for their display of great humility and maturity throughout the   programme despite their age and experience already on the field. He expressed the hope that the masseurs will make maximum use of their acquired knowledge to improve their practice.

He revealed that the programme was made possible through the support of the immediate past Dean of the School and now Provost of the College, Reverend Professor Patrick F. Ayeh-Kumi, that the Department received a cash donation of GhC 20, 000 from the Ghana Football Association (GFA) last year which was used to equip the demonstration laboratory for the programme. He also said that the University also provided some training tools which enhanced the training activities. He said the School remains committed to uphold the vision and mission of the University to offer service to the community through academic and professional activities.

He appealed to the Provost of the College on the need to ensure adequate motivation of the staff; he said this could be attained through promotions and the renewal of contracts of the staff of the School. He thanked his colleagues of the department who served as facilitators of the programme.

The Provost of the College, Rev. Professor Patrick F. Ayeh-Kumi congratulated the masseurs on the successful completion of the programme. He asked them to be proud of their achievement and take pride in the School as they were graduating from one of the most prestigious Universities in Africa. He advised them to take their training seriously as it will take them far. He also advised them to use their training to help improve the sector and the nation.

Out of the 11 students who signed up for the programme, 10 passed and were awarded certificates. Madam Nyafeka Mitchell was adjudged the overall best masseur. The course representative of the Class, Madam Helena Ayariga, and her Vice, Mr. Gabriel Miller thanked the faculty for their commitment and resourcefulness.