Jonathan Quartey

Jonathan Quartey - (Coordinator HPEU)


Jonathan Quartey is Senior Lecturer and Head, Department of Physiotherapy, School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences, College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana.

Jonathan Quartey has garnered over 16 years’ experience and extensive international exposure in Physiotherapy, having had the opportunity to serve as a practitioner, lecturer and researcher. He has served and continues to serve on some University Boards and Committees (including Ethics and Protocol Review Committee for SBAHS, World Confederation for Physical Therapy 

Membership Committee and Health Science Journal Committee of the College of Health Sciences) in different capacities. Jonathan has participated in, and presented at numerous scientific conferences, workshops and continuing education programmes including being a Resource Person for the American College of Sports Medicine International Team Physician Course held in Accra. He has reviewed several abstracts for Conferences/Congress, is a Reviewer of a peer reviewed Journal and has twenty publications.

He is also the current Chairman of the Africa Region of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. He is a member of the Scientific Committee for the 2020 Africa Region, World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress to be held in Cotonou Benin and also a Member of the Medical Sub-Committee of Ghana Olympic Committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. He is the past President, Ghana Physiotherapy Association and past Chairman, National Council, Ghana Physiotherapy Association.

In addition to clinical practice, he has served on numerous occasions as a member of the technical teams of sporting disciplines in Ghana, particularly for football and athletics for both local and international assignments.

Jonathan Quartey holds a PhD in Physiotherapy (University of Pretoria, South Africa) and two master’s degrees which are an MSc in Health Professions Education (University of Maastricht, the Netherlands) and an MSc in Physiotherapy (University of Ibadan, Nigeria).



Jonathan Quartey,


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