HPE Committee

Health Professions Education Committee: HPE Committee


Jonathan Quartey - Coordinator: Jonathan is Senior Lecturer and Head, Department of Physiotherapy, School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences, College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana. Jonathan has garnered over 16 years’ experience and extensive international exposure in  Physiotherapy,having had the opportunity to serve as a practitioner, lecturer and researcher.

He has served and continues to serve on some University Boards and Committees (including Ethics and Protocol  Review Committee for SBAHS, World Confederation for Physical Therapy Membership Committee and Health Science Journal Committee of the College of Health Sciences) in different capacities....(Read more...)


Dr. Michael Lartey (School of Pharmacy):  has been a lecturer at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, UG School of Pharmacy, since July 2017. Prior to joining the University of Ghana, he was a lecturer at the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Energy and Natural Resources, UENR, Sunyani, for three years.

Dr. Lartey had his training in Organic/Polymer Chemistry with focus on the design, synthesis and characterization of small molecules, ionic liquids and polymers for applications in drug delivery, molecular sensing, gas capture and molecular separation.... (Read more...)

Dr. Samuel Adjorlolo - (School of Nursing)is a lecturer in the Department of Mental Health Nursing, University of Ghana. He holds a PhD from City University of Hong Kong. Prior to this, he graduated from the University of Ghana where he received Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Nursing and Psychology, and Clinical Psychology, respectively.

He also received a Master of Science degree in Telemedicine and e-health from the UiT-Arctic University of Norway. He has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, and book chapters published by renowned publishers such as Routledge....(Read more...)

Dr. Emmanuel Bonney – (SBAHS) : is an Assistant Lecturer in Physiotherapy at the University of Ghana. He is a neurological physiotherapist specializing in autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Bonney’s recent work focuses on developing targeted interventions for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families.

Much of this work involves paediatric populations living in low-income settings. In an effort to create a culturally appropriate screening tool for early identification of autism in low-income African settings, Dr. Bonney is collaborating with colleagues from the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA,  and Makerere University in Uganda....(Read more...)



Linda Amoah - (NMIMR) : An effective malaria vaccine is key to sustainable control and elimination strategies. My laboratory is taking an integrated approach to both evaluate malaria transmission in the field and design new transmission blocking agents, including the identification and characterization of host receptors for gametocyte surface ligands.

In addition to producing and evaluating the efficacy of transmission blocking malaria vaccine candidates, I have projects in place to evaluate the development of transmission blocking immunity and the production of gametocytes during a natural infection. I am also very interested in identifying host genetic determinants of malaria pathogenesis and transmission traits as well as genetic determinants of other diseases including non-communicable diseases (NCDs)....(Read more...)



Dr. Amos Laar, – (Public Health): Dr. Laar has academic training in Nutrition, Public Health, and Bioethics. In his independent scholarship, he draws on theoretical and methodological perspectives from these three fields, to understand how physical environment, social environment, and the macro-environment affect health.

Currently, his research focuses on two distinct, yet related areas of public health: bioethics–ethics & public health; health & human rights, nutrition rights, food and nutrition ethics; and public health nutrition–food and nutrition literacy, nutrition-related non-communicable diseases – particularly the nexus between food environment and health....(Read more...)


Dr. Dzifa Dey - (SMD): is a consultant Physician and Rheumatologist at the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics of the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital and Lecturer at the University of Ghana, School of Medicine and Dentistry. She is a pioneer of the first rheumatology clinic in Ghana she started in 2009 and Director of The Rheumatology Initiative TRI.

Her drive to study Medical education stems from a dearth of equivalent professional programs to produce well-trained medical educators needed to service the ever growing need for teachers as more medical schools spring up to meet the need for more doctors....(Read more...)