20 Young Faculty and Post-Graduates gain hands-on experience in writing Systematic Review articles

A hands-on residential workshop on writing systematic review articles took place at the Akosombo Volta Hotel from the 1st -7th May, 2016. This program is part of an on-going project for young faculty and postgraduates and is funded by WHO/TDR. The project is led by Mrs. Ewurama Owusu and Dr. Arko-Boham (Dept. of Medical Laboratory Sciences, SBAHS, CHS). Twenty participants with clinical, basic or biomedical sciences background attended the workshop; with facilitators from University of Ghana, INDEPTH Network and Academic Medical Centre (AMC), University of Amsterdam. At the end of the workshop, participants had clear outlines of 2 systematic review articles which they will develop, with the help of their mentors/facilitators; and submit to reputable journals in the next 5 months.


Facilitator Dr. Jelle Visser (University of Amsterdam) mentoring participants.